My Story

I have been selling Scentsy for 5 years now. I started because I went through a divorce and needed  the money, but I have stayed because Scentsy has helped me step out of my comfort zone . I have done things , went place and meet people I never would have without Scentsy I have been to the top of the Arch in St. Louis ate shrimp and grits in South Carolina and zip- lined in Las Vegas just to mention a few I have meet people from all over the world . They are very supporitive and encouraging. I have faced many of my fears going on a plane, speaking to a crowd and so much more . I lost my mother last year and  my Scentsy family was really there for me .It is a blessing to have these wonderful peaople in my life. I know babysit my grand daughter and work in a nursing home both I love doing and I am still able to sell Scentsy around my busy schedule.